Hello! Thanks for surfing this website and for your interest. Pottgames is an Indie developer studio from the Ruhrpott (Germany), that’s where the name Pottgames comes from.
There is exactly one employee as developer, designer, and marketing guy. Me! I’ve been developing games as a hobby for over 15 years, but I thought I could do something bigger. Now the time has come and Pottgames is born.


It all started in 2015 as a small 2D game hobby project. The idea was to build a space exploration game with different races, a great human vision to expand into space and a trade and combat system. All this still exists in the current version, but the game has grown to a considerable size and more aspects have been added. A completely new and strategically deep combat system and a crafting system that allows the creation of hundreds of items and allows the player to constantly improve. Just to name a few new features. The whole project was ported to a new engine and modernized, so that the initially small 2D game has become what you can see here.